Friday, September 30, 2016

Urgent Care Center Offers Tips for Those Going on Local Walking Tours

History offers much to learn, if people are willing to delve into it. Unfortunately, history is not always regarded as a cool subject. Often, the very mention of the word conjures images of musty books and droning professors.

These days, however, participatory experiences make the learning of history more engaging and entertaining. Consider walking tours, such as Underground After Hours, which is offered by the Sacramento History Museum.

As the name suggests, the activity leads participants on an evening walking tour to envision what a night out on the town was like during the Gold Rush. Unlike other tours, Underground After Hours tackles topics that most other museum exhibits would consider taboo, such as murder, mischief, and yes, even madams. Consequently, you visit gambling halls, saloons, and houses of ill repute during the tour.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Chill Out at the FroYo Run in North Sacramento: Urgent Care Reminders

Residents and running fanatics in North Sacramento will be participating in the 5k and 10k FroYo Run. What makes this event unique is that it not only encourages a healthy and active lifestyle among its participants, but it also makes the exercise more enjoyable. Featured in the 5k run are two motivation stations, which are actually cooled and ventilated tunnels that joggers can run through.

If you’re planning to sign up then get your running shoes ready for this event. You should also be armed with some helpful information on running.

How Does Running Help You?

Running is a common exercise that most people can do. With the proper shoes and gear, it can be a regular activity that can help get your blood pumping. Aerobic exercises like running or jogging can help burn calories, lower your risk for heart ailments, and improve the body’s strength and endurance.