Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Visit a North Sacramento Walk-In Clinic After a Day in a Cactus Show

Every year, the Sacramento Cactus & Succulent Society holds a Cactus & Succulent Show in order to promote better understanding and care of succulent plants through fun and educational activities. It has become a tradition that dates back to the organization’s original inception in October 1960, and has brought in Succulent lovers from across the country year in and year out. If you’re planning to attend the 56th iteration of the show, you should include a visit to a North Sacramento walk-in clinic in your plans. Why You Need Care After Handling Cacti and Succulents Cactuses are intriguing to look at, but the many needle-like protrusions from its surface are meant to discourage natural predators from even getting close. If you’re attending a show where many of these cacti are on display, it is possible to catch a prick or two.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

North Sacramento Urgent Care: Enjoying a Fruitful Farmers’ Market Day

There’s nothing like a good serving of healthy, nutritious, certified organic fruits and vegetables on your dining table during a family meal. Fortunately, more and more avenues are opening up for you to have access to these produce. Farmers’ markets such as the Sacramento Farmers’ Market give a great opportunity for both shoppers and vendors alike to get the community a little more and a little better. It doesn’t hurt, either, that they have fantastic organic produce and creative wares to catch the attendees’ fancy. As fun and exciting (and clean) as these events can be, though, a North Sacramento urgent care still urges Farmers’ Market-goers to keep a close watch on their purchases. See, organic products may be insecticide- and pesticide-free, but this does not necessarily mean they are absolutely without risks.