Thursday, August 4, 2016

North Sacramento Urgent Care: Stay Safe at the Grapes & Grub Festival

The Grapes & Grub Festival, happening at the Old Sugar Mill at the end of June, is all set to be one of the community’s summer highlights. This annual winery event celebrates wine, food, and music, with exclusive and mouthwatering food truck menu pairings.

With so many fantastic things to do, you can easily spend a few hours or even a whole day at The Grapes & Grub Festival. However, if you are planning to attend this wine event, make sure to keep in mind a few health tips from North Sacramento urgent care.

Grab Some Grub

Wine usually contains 12-15% alcohol. Therefore, drinking it on an empty stomach can lead to adverse effects pretty quickly. Some of these include slurred speech, reduced inhibitions, and motor impairment. You can avoid intoxication by eating high-protein foods like peanuts and cheese before and while you are drinking. Doing this slows down the absorption of alcohol into your circulatory system.